Bing is a rising star among web search providers in the United States

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Bing is a rising star among web search providers in the United States, although it may be a sometime before it exceeds the vast reach of Google. However, we have long believed there are some important things to look for when using search engine optimization services and although many may be compatible with Google, we think this should be the same for every search engine.
This leads us to another important note on optimization regarding repeat visitors. For example, if a site proves difficult to navigate and users end up wasting time trying to find information or are perhaps frustrated with broken links and lack of functionality, it is unlikely they will return. Therefore, creating a positive first and indeed lasting impression of your business is of the utmost importance.

Thankfully, a recent and comprehensive list now exists at Bing’s blog which includes helpful information on how to use SEO’s and Bing. They have provided an overview for beginners who need to know the basics and an overview of practices including webmasters tools and link building.

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Bing are indeed committed to providing rich and fun content to users and not only is this apparent in their blog but also in the world of SEO, even if their grammar does sometimes make us itch. ‘Content production should happen frequently and you should produce unique content. Producing fresh content frequently trains the engines to come back to your site frequently, and does the same for users.’Whatever methods you decide to use in your SEO campaign, never underestimate the importance of your visitors, and remember to always put them first.

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