Lemon Print

Customer description:

Lemon Print is long established brick-and-mortar business with developed offline customer base.

– Bespoke design and development (HTML/PHP/JS/CSS)
– Search Engine Friendly
– Integrated Social Networking
– Interactive Galleries


Lemon Print team wanted to start researching the possibility to expand and extend their business with online sales. They have made their own research and have found that if the idea was successful this would mean increase of turnover with 20-25% per year. Our task was to create for them unique website with easy to use menu and navigation and online payment system. The website needed to be colorful and attractive to the clients.

When we started developing the website for Lemon Print we made couple of mock up design and presented them to the client. They have decided that the best look would be with more pictures of their products and detailed discretion of their services. Then, we developed a unique ordering system and integrated PayPal payment system which offered reliable and easy to use payments.

Mr. Nick Jones stated “The website was a logical extension to our existing business and the boys from Aberdeen SEO did a good job for us. We will be definitely using them for our future ventures.”

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CMS Website Design

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eCommerce Website Design

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Brochure Website Design

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