Salon Explore

Customer description:

Start up business Salon Explore offering online booking solutions for hair & beauty salons.

– Bespoke design and development (HTML/PHP/JS/CSS)
– Search Engine Friendly
– Integrated Social Networking
– Interactive Galleries
– eCommerce


The customer from Salon Explore wanted a website which enables customers to make easily online bookings for beauty and hair salons. The idea of the website was to create a directory of all the beauty salon services and products and place than at one place, which allowed potential customers to browse through it, select preferred services and salons, rank and comment and be able to easily compare prices for bookings.  The website need to be beautiful and appealing mostly to the female target customer base.

At the beginning we have integrated our bespoke CMS to allow us easily to deconstruct and reconstruct whole parts of the website. We have integrated search engine system and online booking solution which allowed the easy booking process which was requested from the client. The design was decided on the basis of trial and error and the client preferred the look of black and yellow as most suitable for their website.

Mr. Irena Petkova said: “The website was the soul of our business and the guys from Aberdeen SEO did a fantastic job with it.”

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CMS Website Design

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eCommerce Website Design

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Brochure Website Design

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