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Link Building is a focal point to all businesses large or small, focusing on establishing relationships with the most influential people in a certain niche, thus it is the pinnacle to achieving SEO success. Though it’s been reported that Links are not as important as achieving high ranking in the SERPs as they once were, for businesses looking to improve their online presence it is essential to have such authoritative profiles. Smaller businesses with new websites have been concerned that it would be incredibly difficult to win Links from larger and more established companies, as the process to establishing and developing links can be biased towards Companies with bigger brands simply because of their reputations. However it doesn’t mean smaller businesses cannot build links, as sometimes they too may have certain advantages over their larger competitors. Here are a few tips for small businesses looking to attract links for their websites:

1. Don’t build links, build relationships:

The most important aspect of link building is being able to establish relationships. You should seek out and research those with influential voices and high reputations within your industry. Make yourself known to them by showing your knowledge and passions for your niche, give them a good impression before you progress into establishing reasons for why they should affiliate with your websites.

online marketingDo not dwell on the fact that that small businesses have a disadvantage in establishing relationships with other businesses in their niches; it is precisely because they are small that they are able communicate with their customers on a human level, thus excelling in establishing personal relationships with others as compared to larger companies. This shows that they have a unique flavour and influential voices will look to this expertise. The most successful small businesses pride themselves on this fact of having flavour, personality and care for who they serve and that is why this method of reaching out to influential voices must not be overlooked, especially in within the competitive Online Arena.

2. Use offline relationships to establish online relationships

It will be a daunting experience for those small businesses who are stepping into the online digital world to invest in a website for the first time, however one way to help overcome such challenges would be to call upon aid from your offline relationships – people you have exchanged business cards with in industrial seminars or exhibitions, people you have met and exchanged ideas with or even other small businesses you’ve found that would benefit from affiliating with your website. By exploiting such relationships one is able to use this resource in developing online links or even expanding current relationships you have. Remember, there is nothing gained if nothing is ventured. Do not be put off by a small idea, because it could be the very thing that leads your business onto the road to success.

3. Become a publisher of industry news

As well as getting people to come to your website, your website must have content that is able to hold and captivate your audiences; for achieving the goal to establishing greater relationships with influential voices your website must be able to consistently generate such content. One of the most reliable ways is to host a blog or news feed where you can share your business’s unique, original and innovative views on industry-relevant topics, or even regarding the niche that your business works in. If these influential voices feel that the content you produce on your website has excellent value and benefit for the community at large, then you can score a greater chance of establishing personal relationships and affiliation with such figureheads.

For a small business who is able to employ this tactic, their disadvantage compared to larger businesses will be lessened greatly, thus having a greater chance of winning over authoritative friends and affiliates. So remember, consistently publishing valuable SEO content is an overwhelmingly effective internet marketing strategy.

4. Maximise social media opportunities

Another great way for small businesses to develop their brand awareness on a large scale is with social networking, or social media marketing. For a business’s short on resources, if they are able to use their offline relationships and expand into larger social network groups, they will be able to locate potential link providers much more swiftly. You should aim to introduce your business to those who are unaware whenever you can. Focus on expanding these social networks through the sharing of content, special offers or even coupons, by doing this people will become aware of your business and with this tactic you are able to discover those that have potential for establishing valuable relationships with.

5. Write Guests posts

Another strategy that you can use again involves utilising your offline relationships. Offer your original insights and relevant knowledge you have gained for non-competitive businesses if you feel they can benefit from them by having such information put up on their websites. Perhaps you can offer to informatively plug their business and their services through your insightful knowledge, perhaps you could provide engaging content for your audiences regarding certain businesses that work in line with their interests. There are a number of different possibilities, but the main aim is to get your brand’s name discussed in the relevant community, and you should begin by offering your businesses to other businesses who are also in need of help or have intentions to expand their own personal links.

Can my business attract links?

Most definitely, though smaller businesses may have to work harder for their links it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road in the wild world of internet Business. As mentioned several times above if, if a small business is able to identify the cause of their business’s downfall and utilise the opportunities available to them, whether through your offline relationships or online social connections, then those businesses will have gained a higher advantage in rising straight to the surface compared to other businesses not in the know. With this knowledge they have the skills to balance the problem caused by lack of brand awareness and resources; thus resisting the temptation of jumping head-on into the vast searchable web eco system without the support of valuable offline connections/

Here at SEO Consult we aid small, medium and large businesses achieve a greater online presence. No matter the size of your company, our expert web strategists are able to develop swift and efficient search engine optimisation campaigns that will prove utmost valuable to your business. So if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to comment or contact us via our website.


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