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Google+, a new social networking platform. Google+ was introduced in June 2011, and at first, critics questioned whether or not this would make an impact on Facebook. The conclusion was that it would just be another minor annoyance for Facebook to get over.Now however, US metrics have shown that Google+, in only 6 months, has exceeded 50million users. And with the likes of the Founder of (Paul Allen) who has been tracking new user sign ups, believes that it is closer to 62million. This social networking platform may not be just a minor annoyance to Facebook.

Social Marketing ServicesGoogle+ is integrating across a large product range. The attention drawing factor is the big increase in Android devices (700,000 per day), which have been activated over the past three months. If this trend continues, it will bring a significant source of new users for Google+. This supports the theory that Google+ will reach 400 million users by the end of 2012.

Google+ is not only a platform that has great benefits for individual users to share and connect via; it also has benefits for businesses. Between me and you, if you have not incorporated Google+ into your social media marketing strategies, then now would be a good time to start.

To show the possibilities that Google + can bring to your business. I would like you to read my top three brand benefits from using Google+ within your business.

First of Circles
As a business you have segments of customers that you wish to aim and promote a product for. So with Google+ circles, you can spilt customers into segments, such as under 18 and then when promoting a product, you can aim it straight to that particular circle rather than the messages going to people who are not interested. This is a major benefit compared to Facebook.

Google+1 button
Google+ is integrated with Google search and this seems to be a perfect advantage because the use of the Google + 1 button can potentially increase the visibility of a business. This happens via a user recommending a search result, or a company page by clicking on the +1 button. It is complete once the user’s recommendation is shared on the Google+ platform. This can increase the traffic especially if a user is notified of how popular a certain brand is through the +1 button.

What better way to get your customers interested, than to involve them into the exclusive interviews, the behind the scene content and the latest promotional material. With the hangout, you are able to share all this information. With all the current technology, social media interaction is ever expanding and I believe social interaction will play a big part in companies integrating and utilising through 2012. Starting with the hangout feature… seemingly a perfect place to start.

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