PageRank – how it works?

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As a result of the recent PageRank update, we will be highlighting the pros and cons of PageRank and how it links to Search Engine Optimisation. PageRank is a trademark of Google and uses a link analysis algorithm to measure the relevancy of the content on a webpage compared to a search. PageRank is patented to Stanford University, who have given exclusive rights of its use to Google. In exchange, Google gave shares worth 1.8 million dollars to Stanford. Stanford later sold the Google shares for 330 million dollars.

SEO marketing services How does PageRank work?

PageRank finds out how valuable a page is on a certain website using a voting system and a link structure. PageRank looks at the amount of votes each link gets whilst simultaneously analyzing the page which cast the vote. A vote can include hyperlinks, so if a page has a link to many other pages, the rank is likely to be higher. A vote cast via a webpage considered to be an important one, has more value. This system allows pages on websites to become more popular by increasing its traffic which would lead to improved business.

PageRank also tells us how important a specific page is within a search engine and is determined by the relevance of the initial search and how many visits the page has. Overall, PageRank gives the probability of someone reaching a specific page or website via a link from another website. This probability is given as a value between 0 and 1, which would then be given as a percentage, with 0.25 being given as 25%. However, there can be false rankings given and research is being carried out to try and prevent illegitimate inflated PageRank.

How PageRank can be improved

By submitting your website to Top Directories such as those related to your product or industry, including exclusive membership directories you could improve the link structure your website has which would enhance its PageRank. You could see who has links within your competitor’s website and increase link building by getting them to put your links on their website. You could also try getting clients, sub contractors and partners to link their website to yours.
It is best to stay away from Free for All Links and building farms to avoid spam. Although they are thought to be a good way of link building, they only exist to increase their own link popularity and give links which have no connection to the purpose of yours.

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